How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

posted on 19 Sep 2012 14:33 by yothiga in Knowledge directory Lifestyle, Fashion, Knowledge

Learning how to get rid of stretch marks takes quite a bit of time. You need to understand that those marks happened because you allowed for them to, and actually trying to fix it can help change the problem. Stretch marks are very common among women who have just delivered a baby, but all kinds of people can gain stretch marks. Those who have lost weight will find that stretch marks become visible because of the fact that skin was stretched as they got bigger. No matter how you gained those stretch marks, you can easily get rid of them within a matter of days if you do the right strategies and learn to prevent them.


The main thing that you need to understand is that it is better to prevent the problem than to repair it in the future. Usually when you try to prevent it from happening, you will find that they will not appear too quickly. Prevention is easy to do, and with these tips, you can prevent the stretch marks from occuring.

  • Vitamins A, E, and C : Any type of vitamin that you will ever find will usually have at least one of the vitamins above. However, you should always consider taking all three if you want for your skin to look and feel better, along with prevent the stretch marks from happening.
  • Lotions : Any type of lotion should do the trick, but the ones with cocoa butter are great to have. The truth is that lotions with cocoa butter are available almost everywhere, and all it takes is a matter of going through the ingredients to see if this ingredient exists inside. Lotions are very cheap so you won’t need to worry about spending so much money.


The removal process is a different kind of process and requires a ton of different things as well. When you try to remove the stress marks, you will find that they can be quite hard to get rid of. Follow these very simple tips, and you can be sure to find the perfect remedy for getting rid of your stress marks.

  • Stress Mark Creams : There are actually many creams out there that are made specifically to remove all the stretch marks that you have. If you find one that works well, start using it more often. Retin A is a type of ingredient that you need look for in a cream. However, avoid this ingredient if you are pregnant.
  • Tanning : This type of remedy may not remove it all completely, but the sun itself can really help you remove a bit of the stretch marks that you may have. Tanning is definitely a great activity to do, and it can make a huge change to your stretch marks.
  • Vitamin Gel : If you get a vitamin E capsule, easily open it up and place the gel on your stretch marks. This will help in removing all of the stretch marks that you may have. This is extremely smart to do, and it can really be worth doing in the long haul.
  • Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter : Cocoa butter may not be good for prevention, but also for removal. Consistently rub either of these creams on your stretch marks. They will slowly remove all of the stretch marks that you may have. Do not forget about trying on different types of oils throughout the week if you feel like these oils cannot do so much for you.
  • Vicks : Vicks is a vaporub that can feel very cold on the body. I highly suggest that you try to take some of it and place it on a washcloth. After that, place the washcloth onto your stretch marks, and you will soon see them disappear. This is a very powerful technique that can help you get rid of the stretch marks almost within weeks.

Learning how to get rid of stretch marks is tough, but the time it takes for them to disappear is not that long. Once you know exactly what to do to prevent them and remove them, you won’t experience so many problems. Many people see their stretch marks reduce after weeks while others months, so it is all about finding what personally works for you.

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